FTS is dedicated to supporting our second amendment rights by training men and women of all ages in the safe and responsible handling of firearms. This very important right was granted to our citizens and we pledge to help provide the guidance in safety, state & federal regulations, sporting events and marksmanship.

Our instructors are certified by the NRA and the Massachusetts State Police.  We offer a variety of group classes including women’s only courses.  We are also available for private instruction and one-on-one range time with a certified instructor.

Our entire staff is actively involved in public safety and competitive shooting.  We have competed at the local, state, and national level in pistol, rifle, and shotgun matches.  We have over 100 years of combined firearms experience.
Our classroom in New Bedford is designed to handle 10 to 12 students maximum. If you are looking to obtain your Massachusetts LTC, refresh your proper firearm safety and regulations knowledge, or become a better shooter please contact us today.   Our current class prices are listed on our classes page. If you are interested in more specialized training, private training or private NRA classes please email or phone us to get pricing.

Thank you and happy shooting!

FTS Staff